●BECOME FIT, STRENGTHEN AND SHAPE YOUR BODY! LerzureSports Exercise Resistance Bands for exercising are ideal for your everyday exercise at your fitness, gym, and home or perhaps on the trip of yours. Our stretch rings have been created for explosive stamina strength training and make a fantastic add-on to any house or maybe gym routine you currently perform. These Resistance Bands are made of heavy, pure latex, with no rubber smell and are LABORATORY TESTED!

●Great Physical therapy equipment is ideal for rehabilitation following injury. Our exercise bands are available in five different resistances & colours, which means you can meet the requirements of the workouts of yours, regardless of your current level of training. Perfect for males, females, and kids! With measurements of 12" as well as the width of 2" is not hard to get to grips with. You can make use of these elastic bands to hot you up, enhance the muscles of yours, (re)shape the body of yours or even to recuperate after injuries. 

●Searching for A PERFECT TRAVEL WORKOUT GEAR Or maybe MINI GYM IN A SMALL BAG? Keep it within every school, bring it anywhere you go or even use them when you're a free moment - at employment, vacations, ongoing. Fitness bands for exercise are available in a useful little mesh bag. You can place it in the purse of yours, backpack or suitcase and be always prepared to work-out! IMPROVE YOUR SQUATS AND GENERAL MOBILITY AND NEVER SKIP YOUR DAILY WORKOUTS! Strengthen your hips and abs and stretch out!

More value for your money



●Your Kit includes a Complimentary Spiky Massage Ball for a complete and total Work-Out.


●EFFECTIVE RELIEF - Tight or tired muscles? LerzureSports Spiky Massage Balls provide a revitalising effect and also increases blood circulation throughout your whole body simultaneously before and after training sessions. They reach all trigger areas and rejuvenate all aspects of your body, which means you train more difficult for longer. LerzureSports Spiky Massage Balls hold the energy to soothe muscles that are tight on demand. Experience deeper tissue myofascial release, increase blood flow and quicker recovery times. Quick help out of Plantar Fasciitis, Neck & Back Pain


●BE REBORN - Get during the game with a tight Durable Roller big enough to achieve each knot but tiny enough for at ease use in bed. Feel reborn and young by isolating trouble areas in the entire body, improving flexibility, enhancing Preventing injury and physio Rehab. Our exclusive Self Massage Tool rolls at bay the full muscular knots in the heel of the foot of yours. The physical therapy will ease your muscle pain  and make the feet light all day long. Say goodbye to sore muscles and Plantar Fasciitis!